Thursday, 10 December 2009

To pray..

Yesterday I posted a few thoughts on prayer by Kris Vallotton which I think are inspiring. They inspire me because they remind me of some of the reasons why we pray, to see the kingdom of this world collide with the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven, to leave as our inheritance for our children a nation in revival.... so we turn our attention to heaven to pray.
Prayer seems to have such a lot of 'stuff' attached to it, there are millions of books to read about how to pray, I have read my fair share, we have our professional prayers, our intercessors, our prayer mountains, prayer closets, prayer networks all there to help us to focus our attention. Very clever people tell us how to pray, we have prayer strategies and prayer books, prayer maps, prayer aids .... and so it goes on and before long we wonder are we praying 'right' or praying the 'right' prayers, what is the 'right' formula to guarantee the answer?
I wonder whether we just need to lighten up and enjoy ourselves in prayer more.
When asked how to pray Jesus suggested starting with Hi Dad, not much formality there. I think prayer is about having a chat, talking things through with someone who knows what you're going to say, taking time for some mutual appreciation. Personally I like to just sit and ponder rather than go into high intensity intercession mode. We'll have a chat as I wander about, I ask what He thinks about this and that and ask him if he could teach me more about Him and His ways of doing things. Over recent years I have found silence to be the best communication when alone, not so much in prayer times with others, bit difficult to get that agreement in prayer if no-one is saying anything....but when I am alone I get more said if I say nothing, I feel more connected if I just shut up.
Maybe today's blog is an advert for the contemplatives and the mystics or maybe just a reminder that prayer is about a relationship not a formula.


  1. Darn - I was thinking to write a book on prayer ;-)

    Great post, Mags. Keep em coming.

  2. Thats great Mags really good points!