Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years Honours list

As the New Year honours list has been issued and the queen has set out those she considers worthy of honour, I thought I would take a moment to honour some folk who I believe are worthy of honourable note in the last year.
Firstly the Dyke family. All year they have walked a journey that has expressed the true meaning of family. They have constantly supported each other emotionally, spiritually and physically. Despite the distance in miles between them they have shown that love knows no distance and will not be contained by any barrier. Their testimony to the power of God to comfort and strengthen and their determined hope to trust Him ‘come what may’ has and will continue to have a life changing impact on all who know them.
I have a few friends who struggle with depression. They have this year continued to battle despite the crushing desire to give up. They have pushed through to continue to engage with the world around them, looking for ways to encourage others and been determined not to sink. They are all to be honoured for their strength and their hope.
One friend has persevered through incredibly tough times at work. She has turned up every day despite the overwhelming stress and lack of support, determined to do her best for her clients and to honour her employers. She has refused to lose herself to the pressure and I hope she has been able to end the year with a sense of success.
Another couple are walking a path so close to her own painful story that I am amazed that they are getting out of bed and continuing to believe the best of God.
Honour to those I know who choose to walk the narrow path facing uncertainty, misunderstanding and isolation. They are to be honoured for daring to dream and doing something about it. Dreams can only become reality if we make choices in line with the seemingly impossible.
Most of my friends struggle with sickness in one form or another. Courageously they deal with their allergies, their aches and pains, their lack of diagnosis, their limitations and their difficulties. I am praying this year for breakthrough for them and I honour them for their courage and determination to get the best of life and trust in the one who loves them the most.
The majority of the people I know are pursuing an extraordinary life, looking for opportunities to make a positive contribution to their community and endeavouring to be good people to their friends and family. They are to be honoured for continuing to run the race even when sometimes it feels like they are alone on the track.

Honour to those who the world does not know, the unsung, unknown heroes of my life.


  1. Yes honour to those who press into and through the pressure point of their story Mags. good to read what you have written

  2. spot on Mags, here is to more of the blessings in 2010 and break through in areas of pain in 2010. You go on my honours list for daring to believe and challenging us to truly believe the BOOK