Sunday, 14 February 2010

USA Tour: Day Eight

A day of rest, handguns, glory and chicken wings.

After not getting to sleep until 2:30 last night this morning was a bit of a slow starter. After breakfast I went back to bed for a nap and then had a long hot bath to try to relax some of my aching muscles from the crazy drumming. We went to an Arbies for lunch and John & Godfrey demonstrated their superior experience and discernment by ordering the ribs while Dave and I had steak which in my case was almost tasteless. This was the first meal in the USA I’ve ever had that was poor. I shan’t be visiting an Arbies again – well I won’t have the steak there anyway.

In the afternoon Dave and I went with Brad and Woody to a gun shop and shooting range. They had so many guns and so much ammo on show and people were just wandering about picking up the guns. The only thing stopping anyone from loading the gun was that the ammo was behind the sales counter and the guns were out front in racks. All the clerks were armed – I guess they’ve learned that running a gun shop can be risky so it’s best to deter any would-be thieves.

The guy running the range took our driving licences and entered Dave and my details into his computer then we hired a .454 revolver and an M-4 semi-automatic rifle very cheaply. However the cost of the ammo was horrific, $45 for a box of shells or between $2 and $3 per bullet depending on the calibre if you just wanted a few. We got 6 shots for the revolver and a load more for the rifle. I only wanted one shot of the rifle but three on the revolver. We had to wear eye and ear protection before we were allowed in the range. However there was no safety briefing, instruction or anything else. Here’s your gun, here’s your bullets, there’s the door to the range, enjoy! After we’d used up all the ammo we took the guns back and Woody wanted a few more bullets for the revolver as he hadn’t had a go with it. However the guy in the shop suggested we try the most powerful handgun in the world, the successor to Dirty Harry’s gun the .50 Calibre Smith & Wesson Magnum. This thing is HUGE. It weighs a ton, is powerful enough to stop a hippo and you can legally buy one after a police check lasting about ½ hour. You can even get a permit to carry it concealed about your person – although this gun would be pretty hard to conceal. We bought 10 bullets, three each for the others and just the one for me. This time the guy did give us some advice, he said hold the gun with both hands, at arm’s length and ensure your elbows are locked or the kick-back could do you some harm. My one shot was incredible – the noise, the smoke and the flash of light from the end of the barrel were nothing compared to the kick! It wasn’t a lot worse than the .454 but with the gun being so heavy it was hard to aim properly. I, however, took the centre cross out of the innermost concentric circle. By far the most accurate shot of the day; if I hadn’t been aiming at the target’s head!! Dave was a good shot and we were very grateful to Brad who knew how to load all the guns and ensured we didn’t shoot ourselves or anyone else. We headed straight for the meeting after our boys fun!

It was great tonight. Godfrey was brilliant at getting the whole room into the flow. He exhorted people not to get distracted by the manifestations but to keep focused on Jesus. The worship time was the best one yet – almost 100% of the people there were flying and no-one seemed to want to stop. The glory was heavy in the room.  Very heavy. When John Scotland got up to speak the drunkenness was all over loads of people, I was hammered. He spoke about the wilderness following the glory and the reasons for it and how to react to it. It was well worth listening to so here’s a link so you can! ( While looking after Godfrey’s CD table at the end I gave prophetic words to a few people, which was nice! 

We went to “Wing Nuts” for a late meal of variously flavoured chicken wings and fries. They also had IBC Root Beer – the very best root beer I’ve tasted. Godfrey recommended it when we first arrived but we’ve struggled to find any recently. Most of us were very very drunk but the guys making the food didn’t seem too bothered. It was great to be with such warm, generous, friendly and spirit filled people. They ALL wanted us to come back ASAP and do more stuff over here. There’s a shift in the USA coming and these guys are going to be riding the cutting edge of it. The Empire is Over and the grass roots time has come.

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