Monday, 12 August 2013

Male and female, the image of God.

If humanity could grasp that God is as much feminine as masculine perhaps we would look to God for our identity rather than to a lesser version of freedom and equality.
The patriarchal system  fears women’s equality as it believes the inevitable change will be for the worse, therefore it refuses to allow women’s freedom or equality and will keep women from their freedom for as long as possible to avoid any change. It believes there will be a loss of power and control, which is true, but it will not be so women will then gain the power and control over men. There is a fear that maleness will be diminished if women are permitted equality, when in fact men will be released into their true position when women are.....There will be change and it will be so the fullness of what God’s children actually look like, can be revealed on the earth, perhaps that is what it is longing for…..

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