Friday, 27 November 2009

few thoughts

How strange some days are, how moments stand out as markers in the day, maybe reminding me to pay attention to the day that passes. Yesterday I sat whilst an elderly lady told us about when she was younger and coming home from guides and noting all the bunting on the streets. She asked what it was for and was told the war was over. She ran home to ask her mum if it was true, her mum said "oh yes and there will be dancing in the street tonight" and there was. Just a moment of her life shared whilst we sat and drank tea. I am glad she shared that moment of her life.
Today I saw a lady in a Lexus 4x4 putting some things in the charity clothes box at Tesco, I thought if I had a camera I would take a picture of how surreal that picture would be. I didn't know the woman but a world of assumptions invaded my head.

The rest of the two days have blurred with the usual activity, breakfast with Phil and Frasier, time at the Hope Centre setting up for afternoon tea with the older generation, daytime tv with Rachel too sick for school and an attempt to pack for a trip to Albania tomorrow.

I wonder how many of our days are made up of greys with splashes of colour and if we should note more closely those splashes, maybe they are the moments that develop our character and maybe the greys are the substance.....

Hope you have some colour splashes in your day.

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