Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Transition – the shifting sands

Where does ‘transition’ begin? With the person, a locality, a nation, a planet??? Can they all be in transition at once, I believe so, and if so how does that bring us any stability? The global market shifts and changes, grows and declines and that in turn affects nations, localities and individuals but then at the core of global shifts individuals make decisions. One person makes a decision which can have a global effect. One change affecting another like a ripple becoming a wave which then crashes and at the end of the process maybe only the murmur of a ripple is enough to start another decision making wave.

We as individuals have a global impact whether it is intentional or not and maybe being directional in our decisions, believing that the decisions that we make on a micro level can have a macro impact, would make us live more purposefully. Although if we took that too seriously we may become immobilised and not make any decisions out of fear of not making the right ones. But then, the right decision, what is that? We can lock ourselves down never just leaping into the dark for fear that the wrong decision will somehow ruin lives, causes distress or have a detrimental global impact. Whereas the reality is there can only be the decision itself the value of it being worked out over time. Decisions have to be made, they will have an impact, one relationship affecting another, one yes becoming another’s no, but the decision is made and the transition from one place to another continues. Changes occur, some decisions creating minute changes, some with more rapid results than we can keep up with, maybe the ground under our feet does feel like shifting sand. Which leads to the question - where is the stability?

I can look to the past or to the future for stability but I live in the present so I must be able to find stability here, in the midst of the day or night. For me, knowing the one who is bigger than myself, who knows how to stay the same for an eternity, who made the sand that shifts and rocks beneath my feet gives me the stability that I need during times of more obvious transition. The times of not knowing where I am going and even if when I get there will it be as good as the place I left. The truth that the one who made the universe, cares for me, has a plan for me, wants me to succeed and most of all loves me with an everlasting, constant love makes the walking all the more purposeful and safe. For others, maybe the stability comes from an assurance that at the centre of transition is the potential for growth and therefore any sense of instability is only temporary, there is a confidence in their own ability to make right decisions and to achieve their goals, for others maybe there is no stability only a hope that the transition will end soon.

So there will always be transition and the question is how do we find our stability in the midst of it? Internally depending on our own abilities or lack of, or looking externally to the one who created us and holds the universe together.....

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  1. Mike & I are in transition in every area of our lives, we have been waiting for this for years. God puts us in the waiting room and quite frankly shuts the door and leaves us there, waiting & wondering! Then one day the door opens and He calls out our name! WOW at last!! Finally some movement, I love movement and I hate waiting, silence, nothing! So now we are in transition, but God is soooo GOOD because HE is doing it very slowly even though it is all at once. Transition in church, business, finance, family - now we really are having to trust HIM for all of our lives!!